Devouring Scotland.

So………a blog.  What a unique idea 🙂

I suppose I should explain why.  Basically, I love to travel.  Seeing breathtaking places, eating outrageously good food (ok, sometimes bad, but good bad), people watching, being transfixed by stupidly talented musicians, soaking up atmosphere, smells, sun, wind, snow, rain, discovering places that seem like nobody else has ever been there before.  I also love to procrastinate.  I don’t know why it has never before occurred to me to write a blog- my perfect outlet.

What makes this different from other blogs then?  Well, most travelly type blogs are about  far off exotic lands of the unknown.  Not me.  Luckily I am totally and utterly in love with my own back yard, Scotland.  Which is just as well, as although I do also love to don my passport and head for distant shores, the chance doesn’t come up quite as often as I would like.   So, rather that write as a tourist discovering another country, I am here to tell you all about the secrets of Scotland from the inside out.

Now for the public health warning, this blog will feature a lot of food.  A lot.  It will also feature cocktails and whisky and music and more food, the great outdoors, hills, glens, beaches, woods, islands, sneaky hidden foody gems, highland games, ceilidhs, more food, remote destination, off the beaten track pubs and slick city bars and eateries….and places that deep fry stuff.  Basically anything I judge to be Scotland’s finest.  In particular, it’s about promoting what’s local- local produce, local restaurants, local recipes, local bands, local festivals, local sights….From time to time I will stray and report back on what I discover outside Scotland but for the most part, you get the idea.

I’m a lucky lassie to have an abundance of brilliant stuff on my doorstep.



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  2. ooohhh…good. I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • hi!- thanks- I think I am getting the hang of this thing now. I stumbled upon your page and had to laugh as it seams like you are the east coast version of me- I also discovered the fiddle about 5 years ago- after seeing Adam Sutherland play with the Peatbog Faeries in Skye. I was smitten with the instrument and immediately joined the Glasgow Fiddle Workshop- unfortunately my skills haven’t quite developed as much as I would like (ie, to Mr Sutherland’s standards!), but I do enjoy a tune from time to time. Also, I have always liked taking photos but when I was asked to take a photo using aDSLR recently, I had a eureka moment- why haven’t I been doing this my whole life?! So, I just got my hands on aDSLR at Christmas and hope to get to grips with it soon.
      Anyway, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I hope you don’t mind, but I have posted a link to your page so anyone else on my page can have a look too.

      Keep up the good work!

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