Cringe drinking- Friday night Sambuca-thon in Glasgow

January is normally a time of hibernation, where, other than the Celtic Connections festival, not much else happens.  However, given the cancellation of many a festive night out in December due to the rotten weather that brought the country to it’s knees, January this year has become Christmas party season.  Yes, yesterday was my turn to wear something inappropriate to work, slide my normally flat feet into something far less practical or comfortable than I am used to, and totter off up through the bright lights of Glasgow’s Bath Street for a night of silly antics with my co-workers/reprobates.  We did the normal thing that people who don’t go out together very often do.  We got really drunk and embarrassing, said things we would probably never normally say to each other, danced in our seats like a bunch of complete fannies, split drinks, fell over, some of us (not me) even got escorted from the premises.   Was it a good night?  You bet.  Sometimes you just need to act like a stupid teenager on their first bottle of Mad dog 50/50.

Given the alcohol consumed, I am surprised I am functioning at all today, but I would like to think my anti hangover method of lots of tea before bed and midnight noodles went some way to vaccinating me from the worst effects.  As yet, the cringe has not set in, but I am sure it will some time between now and Monday morning.  However, whatever flashback I have, it cannot compare to hearing this morning that one of my worse for wear colleagues, on her train journey home, threw up….in her handbag.  I nearly fell on my arse laughing.  I can only imagine her frame of mind at the moment she realised she was going to be sick and thinking her handbag was the best place for it.  I have put this activity on my new list of things to never, no matter how drunk you are , ever do.


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  1. Hahaha….love it!! Aaaah its been a long LONG time since i’ve had a night like that – and i used to have lots of them :-)) Never had a spew in my handbag though thank goodness! xxx

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