Roastit Bubbly Sunday- A Sunday roast in Glasgow’s West End

Scotland is cold.  Scotland in January is even colder, therefore, forget salads, pitta pockets, couscous and flans, wraps, fruit salads and quiche.  A Sunday roast is an essential dietary requirement for survival through the winter months.  Happy am I that Roastit Bubbly Jocks on Dumbarton Road, in deepest darkest Partick does the mother of all Sunday roasts.  It’s a wee bit out the way, but so worth the journey.  And, you don’t even need your stab vest!  Not now Partick and Hyndland are practically the same place.

First we had a canape as a belly warm up.  A crostini with slow braised shin of venison topped with Apricot chutney.  Holy cow that was good…or should I say deer?  Followed by broccoli and butternut squash soup.  Sounds questionable, but it was delicious. For the main event there was a choice of beef, lamb or pork.  There was also a salmon in shellfish cream sauce option.  I have no idea about the veggie option, but who cares!  I was there to eat meat and load of it!  This I did having gone for the lamb and it was soooo good.  It arrived doing the back stroke in a pool of rich gravy accompanied by a lilo of mashed potato and a mini yorkshire pudding life ring.  Obviously it’s not a pool party till all you friends are in there with you, so before I new it my plate was also full of roasted beetroot, turnip, carrots, broccoli and roast tatties.  Heaven!  Unbelievably I finished every last bite, which I did regret having signed myself up for a third course- The mighty fruit crumble with custard.  Despite it’s deliciousness, I had to throw the towel in halfway through- I’m just a little lady and this was a monster of a Sunday Roast. Anyway, following a coffee to make sure I didn’t get the post feast doze on the drive home, I rolled back to the car and headed home where I spent the rest of the afternoon in front of a roaring fire, watching movies, rubbing my poor belly and swearing I would become a salad eater as of Monday.


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  1. ommnyomyom 🙂 Sounds deelicious!!

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