Cats and dogs and astro-smug flare.

This weekend we packed our comfy gear, outdoor clothes and our cat for a weekend of house and dog sitting. The cat and the dog deep down know they love each other, they just don’t like to show it in public.

Attached are some photos of the best bits. A walk with the dog in the park, deep fried stuff at Scott’s in Troon, freshly baked Sunday morning brownies and our cat dwarfing the poor dug then playing dead.   I’ve not bothered to attach pictures of the not so good bits, i.e.  the laying of floor tiles, the hoovering, the painting of steps or the mending of fences, but we also partook in these activities which made our weekend not quite so lazy as it first sounded.

What I expected to be another boring ol’ Monday was cheered right up by 12 lovely red roses from Mr CL delivered to work for me to parade about.  Extra brownie points for that.  (Literally- he got to eat almost all the chocolate brownies I made the previous day)  Do you feel the the smug glow?  That’s me- still radiating like the sun’s flare.  In fact, I may have caused it, so apologies for any astro-smug interference with your gadgets over the next few days.


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