Drams and dramas-a trip to whisky central

I’ve had some lovely wee moments this week- From dinner, wine and Irish coffee’s at the Butterfly and Pig, cocktails at the Pony and champagne beers at the Central Bar with a girlfriend, to an unexpected lunchtime burgers and wine treat at AdLib with Mr CL, to an afternoon shopping for bikes and whisky (yip, you heard right) with family in preparation for our trip north next week, followed by curry at Stravaigin, coffee and cakes at Sonny and Vito’s and cocktails at The Left Bank.  I need to take this opportunity to mention Tam’s Drams again.  It’s awesome.  Whisky heaven.  We went with the intention of picking up a nice bottle for ourselves and we were also given the task of selecting a bottle for a friend.  Double the fun.  We spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon tasting whisky with Tam’s expect guidance and tried everything from Bruichladdich Black Art to Wemyss Malts Autumn Leaves before settling on a Douglas Laing &co Old Malt Cask 20 year old Glenburgie for us and a Glasgow Whisky Festival’s bottling of a 14 year old Highland Park for my friend.  Both were delicious and I can’t wait to crack them open when we get up to Applecross next week……weather permitting that is.

I was about to start moaning about us entering our third winter this year, however, when you see what else is going on around the world right now, a bit of snow is a minor issue.  I realise how I am lucky I am to live somewhere we don’t have to worry much about natural disasters or oppressive regimes, and I am suddenly very grateful cold weather is the worst we have to contend with.  As such, I am all the more appreciative of the time I have been able to spend with good friends and family this week and I am thinking of all those who are not in such a fortunate position.


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