Sun, soup and cycles-a wholesome Easter weekend

It’s been a good week.  A wholesome week.

I have been a busy girl.

First, I feel I should really mention my first whisky tasting experience.  Wednesday night I attended Tam’s Drams’ whisky tasting dinner at MacSorley’s bar in Glasgow. I was worried I was going to be a bit out of my depth.  I had visions of old men with beards and Aran sweaters, scowling at the young pretender.  I was wrong.  It was fabulous.  Informative but unpretentious and nobody was taking themselves too seriously.  Now, I would normally have photos, but please bear in mind there were 6 whiskies to get through- 2 before the starter, 2 between courses and 2 after the main dish.  After the second whisky, thoughts of photos went out of the window, but you can probably imagine….

I have to mention the food, of course.  Brilliant.  Really really brilliant.  The menu is amazing and I can’t wait to go back.  It’s definitely worth checking out the website using the link above to get a sample of how imaginative and tempting everything sounds.  And, they do stovies!   This pleases me lots. Not enough places serve stovies.

Anyway, on with the wholesomeness…

Soup.  I make it all the time, but I was feeling a bit experimental this week and I was so delighted with the result of my Sweet potato and Squash spiced soup with lentils and coconut milk, I have added it as my first recipe in my Small Kitchen Diaries.


Today involved more food, but it was well earned.  Once more I took to my bike and ventured out along the local cycle paths.  It was a beautiful day.  Not too warm, not too windy.  Perfect cycling conditions.  We peddled for hours through the countryside stopping only to do some shopping and eat ice cream.  We finally made it home where we sat on the picnic blanket in the garden and ate olives and drank red wine out of tumblers so not to spill it everywhere, as I so often do when trusted with a wine glass outdoors.


My herb garden was destroyed by frost over the winter.  Last week I replenished my stocks of rosemary, sage, oregano, mint and marjoram.  I am pleased to see everything is taking off nicely.  It’s looking promising.  I look forward to putting everything to good use in the kitchen.

It was also so nice to be able to have fresh line dried laundry and for colour to be back in the garden once more.  However, I also see the weeds have been thriving.  Banjocat was not impressed.

I feel like spring is finally here.  I can wean myself off the comfort food that saw me through the winter months and I can start enjoying salads again.  Fresh ingredients.  Ingredients from my garden!  Exciting.  I can’t wait for my raspberry bush to go wild…and potatoes…and peas…and….

…Oh dear.  I’ve made myself hungry.  Time for rhubarb crumble I think.  Straight from grandpa’s garden.  His rhubarb is much better than mine, as are most of his vegetable, but then he has 50 years experience on me.  He has no weeds either.  I really must try harder.


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  1. Ahhh lovely 🙂 I love reading these posts Jacq, it transports me to a lovely place. I can almost taste the whisky and delicious fayre, whilst having that spring breeze flowing through my hair – OMG i’m a poet (and didn’t know it).

    Glad you had a great weekend doll. We’ll need to catch up soon for a phone/skype/msn chat 🙂


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