Highland photo journal, part1- Arisaig

Our first few days have been pretty spectacular. Arisaig has been beautiful.

Ok, we got rained on, a wee bit, bit the clouds overhead created a stunning sunset.

And, when I turned round, the combination of rain and sunset created this…. 🙂


The thing is about camping in Scotland, at the hight of summer, is the sun barely sets.  It hides, lingering just beyond the horizon for just a few short hours before it creeps back up again causing the inside of your tent to glow from about 3.30am.  The good thing about this is that, by 5am, if you sneak up and out, you get to see this…

This is the view of our wee pitch at dawn.  I think we win the prize for incredible camping spot.

After an extra few hours sleep, we got up before everyone else for an early shower before breakfast cooked on the camp stove.  On day 1 we had bacon butties.  On day 2, beans and sausages.  They were the best bacon butties and beans and sausages I have ever tasted.  We then took to our bikes for a bit of cycling along the very very pretty coastline to admire the silver sands and turquoise waters.  It would be easy to believe we were on some exotic Caribbean island, but no, this is Arisaig at is very best.

After, we returned to our pitch where we paddled, played in rock pool and drank rum, ginger ale and lime in the sunshine- Glamping at it’s very best!

This has been wonderful.  I could have stayed here forever, but the tour continues, so we dismantled our little site and moved on, ready for Knoydart, via the wee boat from Mallaig.  I can’t wait to see what’s round the coast!


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  1. Wow! Awesome shots of the sunset – the colours are amazing! It’s a very beautiful place.

  2. Lovely lovely lovely! So jealous doll! xxx

    • Arisaig was stunning. I don’t even think the pictures do it justice. It looks warmer than it actually was, however, after a full 12 hours of outdoorness, I completely scorched my legs. That sun was stronger than it felt!

  3. Your talents are wasted Jacqueline!

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