Highland photo journal part 6- Elgol, Skye

I so wanted to be blown away with the epic scenery from Elgol.  I wanted to look into the fierce jaws of the Cuillins and be struck with awe and wonder.

This is what I saw:

Who ordered pea soup?!  Not me, but that’s what I got.  Oh well, 1 day our of 10 isn’t too bad.  Although I missed the views of the Cuillins I did manage to catch a brief glimpse of Elgol and Glasnakille, where we stayed in a camping hut in someones back garden.  Rock’n’ roll no?  Well, yes actually as we were informed by the locals this is also where KT Tunstall stayed.


There really wasn’t much to Glasnakille, especially when the rain came, so instead we contented ourselves with red wine, music, books and food in our wee hut, including the magical Applecross squat lobsters, cheese from the West Highland Dairy, Torridon smoked salmon and homemade chutney from Calina at the food fair in Isle Ornsey where we sheltered from the rain.

An early night and a sound sleep was had while a storm raged outside.  We were so glad we were not in our tent and we were nice and fresh for moving on to our final destination, Glendale, a place of beautiful scenery, lovely people and incredible food.

Yes, I am talking The Three Chimneys.  Therefore I must provide a warning- the final photo journal will include extreme Foodporn and viewers of a sensitive nature may wish to look away.


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