Highland photo journal part 7- The Three Chimneys (a foodporn installation)

Oh Glendale, how lovely it was to see you and your rolling hills speckled with white dot houses, like a sprawling metropolis compared to Glasnakille.

We had just enough time to find our feet, our lunch, and our first toasty hot bubbly bath in days before the evenings activities commenced….Dinner at The Three Chimneys!  We, of course, had to warm up first and this is where our Applecross squat lobsters once more came to the rescue.

After a lazy afternoon watching the remains of the rain stream down The Byre window (our b&b, more on that later) it was time for the main event.  Dinner.  There is so much to cover after our visit to Glendale, I am dedicating this post purely to ‘the feast’ and will complete coverage of Glendale once this is fully digested.

Now, these may look insignificant, but these tasty little dumpings of cheesy joy represent the start of our culinary adventure.

So without further ado….  











Creamy mussel brose.

Seared tongue and shin of beef.

Smoked haddock, salmon and quale egg mimosa.

Pressed shoulder, haggis and loin of lamb.

Wood pigeon, tatty scones and Ayrshire bacon.

Frangipan tart with poached peaches.

Dark chocolate and blaeberry moussecake.


I could gloat about every bite, but I won’t.  I will just summarise saying every mouthful was a delight.  The surprising triumph of the evening, I thought, was the tongue.  The flavour was unbelievable and changed my perception of this cut.  I will definitely consider this again if I see it on a menu, but I would have high expectations it would cause my eyes to roll will pure joy the way The Three Chimney’s dish made me react.

Anyway, I was pretty sad the meal came to an end, although I couldn’t have managed another bite even if they were paying me to eat…OK, that’s a lie, I would gladly eat my way through their whole menu if I was being paid for it.  However , I was happy to return to our cosy wee cottage where I crawled into bed with yet another full belly and slept soundly in a haze of food infused dreams.


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  1. No need to ‘gloat about every bite’ – the photos do it for you! This looks delicious….will lodge the restaurant name in my head for when I’m next at Skye…

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