Let Glasgow Flourish!

With recent jaunts up and down the West Coast, I’ve neglected somewhere I love very much.  Glasgow.  So I’ve dedicated some time recently to reacquainting myself with my favourite city.  To start, the new Riverside Museum.



It’s great, but busy…really really busy, which is a good thing really.

Another favourite pastime in Glasgow is, of course……EATING! Well, eating and drinking cocktails in the summer sunshine that seemed to take so long to appear this year.  On this occasion, we found a rare and precious outdoor spot at Stravaigin on Gibson Street where the margaritas seemed to go down particularly well.

After a stroll through Kelvingrove Park, we attempted a drink at the new Brewdog bar.  As it was the opening night, we weren’t able to squeeze our thirsty selves through the front door, however, I did manage to catch this photograph which I thought captured the bar and the location across from the Kelvingrove Museum perfectly.

Maybe next time we’ll manage to sample their wares.

Other jaunts recently have included the wonderful Artisan Roast for the most amazing cappuccinos, The West Brewery on Glasgow Green for ales, beers and a some pretty good food, MacSorley’s for outstanding pub food, The Ben Nevis bar for whisky galore, the Park Bar for ceilidh carnage, Kember & Jones for sharing platters…I could go on and on.

There is just so much to see and do and eat and drink in Glasgow, I don’t think I could ever get bored. I plan on testing this theory out and look forward to sharing my finding right here.  Watch this space.


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  1. Glasgow is basically London now, but everything’s half price. I love it! I wish they had high-paying PR jobs there.

    Oh aye, if you need me to explain the story behind the Glasgow crest, just say the word.

    • I love your explanations. Please enlighten me.

      • Pretty much what it says on the tin. The food is as good as restaurants in London that are double the price, the rent is half the price of rent in similar areas in London for as much room and taxis are half the price.

        It’s cheap and good, innit. I mean, apart from the weather, which is the worst weather on the planet. So I’m never coming back.

      • The coat of arms silly, although I do appreciate the positive feedback on the city you turned your back on.

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