It’s birthday time- Say Cheese!

This is a big bag of cheese.

A big bag of cheese from Scottish artisan cheese shop I.J. Mellis.

And, it’s extra special as this big bag of I.J. Mellis cheese is birthday present cheese.  Yay!

In conjunction with the big bag of cheese, we also got some beautiful stag horn handle cheese knives and a lovely marble cheese board.

Double yay!

The cheese bag consisted of wedges of Criffel and Cromary soft cheeses and Smoked Blairlaith and Anster hard cheeses.

Mmmmm, pretty.

Now a warning- the Criffel- this is hardcore.  To the untrained nose and tastebuds, this smells and tastes not unlike a tramps toes. Unfortunately, I have untrained nose and tastebuds when it comes to hardcore cheeses, therefore, no matter how hard I tried to get into this cheese, I just couldn’t get my head round it.  Believe me, I tried.  I tried so hard.  I wanted to enjoy it, but the tramps toes beat me.

However, the rest…delicious!  The Cromarty was creamy and earthy and nutty, the Anster was crumbly and tangy, and the Smoked Blairlaith was smooth and mild and smoky.  I love cheese.

Oh, and I made amazing chutney which went with all of them.  I’m very clever you know. 🙂

Thank you Lisa and Gavin for the gift of food and tools to consume said food!  Even though my fridge still smells like old socks, it was worth it!

Other birthday activities included making the most of a final summery weekend.  I’m talking barbecue of course!  Mixed matched chairs, throws, cushions, prosecco, men poking fire with stick, sausages, ribs,kebabs, burgers, whole fish- it was all there.  Magic.


After we turned the barbecue into a fire pit and we sat round it all cosy and smug until it was pitch black.

Finally, we rounded off the evening with the assembly of birthday cake.


Then we demolished it.

Another 3 inches on the waistline, but all worth it.


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  1. Looks like one fantastic barbecue. I could handle some of that cheese right now!

  2. Great post! Love the cheese photos and the cake looks amazing! YUM! 🙂

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