Devouring Spain!


Yes, it happened.  I left the pale Scottish autumn sunshine behind and headed for the intense amber fireball filled skies of Andalusian Spain.

Joy was to be found round every corner- Mountain top villages, glasses of cava in the swimming pool, figs falling from the trees overhead, pungent iberico hams, cafe solos, vino tinto and cervesa at the bar with the locals, flamenco chants drifting from doorways down narrow alleys, food markets with fresh sea creatures of all varieties, Cadiz the city on the sea, the spectacular city of Seville, narrow cobbled streets, murals, cathedrals, statues, tapas of fried prawns, chorizo, pigs cheeks and bulls tail, cakes, oloroso, sangria and being caught sausage smuggling through Spanish customs.

Here are just a few photographs from our travels.

Medina Sedonia.  Our home for three nights…



Local market- check out that swordfish!…




more tapas…

I enjoyed every bite.


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  1. Stunning photos, I went to Seville last November, brings back some wonderful memories!

  2. Beautiful pictures..:-).. they are really awesome..

  3. I love “El Rinconcillo”, in Seville…


  4. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing your wonderful visits. It’s just like being there. Connie

  5. Lovely and colorful images! Sounds like a great trip.

  6. I would die for some of those cheeses shown in the case. Along with every other food pix shown. You have really captured the area perfectly.

  7. Oh how I love Spain! Your photos are excellent – they are making me hungry!

  8. Spain seems to be really lovely. Hope I can visit there someday :>

  9. What fantastic and beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.


  10. Absolutely beautiful images! Every one of them is interesting and evocative and all in different ways. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  11. Beautiful pictures and an awesome post! Thank you!

  12. If you enjoyed Andalucia, you should visit Catalunya!

  13. Fantastic photography. I loved them ALL, but particularly liked the man with the accordian, for some reason.

  14. Absolutely beautiful photographs!

  15. Wow what beautiful photos of Spain… they make me Spain-sick again. My mouth just waters looking at those delicious tapas, I hope you got to try some of the swordfish. Congratulations on FP!

  16. i am so incredibly jealous. it is my dream to go to spain. the food, art and culture look amazing. thank you for sharing!

  17. Spain looks amazing! It’s the title of your blog that catches my eye though – I’m applying for schools in Scotland and hope to move there in about a year. I look forward to “devouring” your blog, ha ha… that sounded creepy. I’m just eager to learn. 🙂

  18. Great post and images! I didn’t want to leave when I went to Spain a couple of years back – everything was so tasty, and I spent a lot of time in the north of Spain. Lots of fun to be had. 🙂

  19. Lovely. You seemed to capture a bit of everything Spain has to offer. Nice work!

  20. Great shots. The food looks amazing!

  21. Your photos are absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing them. Makes me want to return to Europe.

  22. I spent the spring studying abroad in Madrid. My program took a 5-day trip to Andalucia, and it just wasn’t enough time! Your pictures are wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  23. Great collection of photos, thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  24. Oh so gorgeous photos and congrats on being FP. I guess you’re a foodie? Will check out your pages as I love the header photo. After all, where is more beautiful than Scotland?

  25. the photos are great – and very jealous of your adventures!


  26. Wow, incredible pictures. Did you have a hard time picking and choosing which pictures to use? I always have a hard time deciding how many pictures to put in one post.

  27. Great shots! Looks like you and your tummy enjoyed yourselves.

  28. I would love to here more about the different foods. Some of those pictures looked delectable! I know my stomach is rumbling now.

  29. Gorgeous pictures! I love Spain! Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  30. wow these are stunning photo’s i am quite envious.

  31. I studied abroad for a semester in Sevilla (as the locals like to call it) and barely a days goes by that I don’t think about it, miss it, and wish to go back as soon as I can. Thank you for your fantastic pictures of en equally fantastic place!

  32. Oh my gosh!!! Spain looks AMAZING!!! Gorgeous photos! 🙂

  33. Amazing pictures! I have always wanted to go to Seville.

  34. God, It’s so beautiful. (and food looks so yummy)

  35. Fantastic, looks totally idyllic! I do love Spain:)

  36. I so enjoyed viewing your photos. You really captured not only the sights but also the smells and tastes of Spain. I does make me want to return and visit the southern part of the country. Excellent post. thanks.

  37. I should move.
    Any Spanish girl who would invite me? 😉

  38. Wow, that mural of the sleeping kid is great. Nice pics 🙂

  39. Wow!! That’s all I have…. Wow 🙂

  40. This is a place where elastic pants are needed. Great photos – Congrats on being FP!

  41. teaser have you seen de food, oh my jumbie oooh, those massive wedges topped with cheesy I will use sweet potatoes andtry to copy the dish lovely beautiful smashing what hooo! History cultural Off de beaten track – not a Netto carrier bag British tourist in sight bless up

  42. Wonderful photos that really capture the city.

  43. Fantastic! Wish I was in Spain. My sister is at the moment, way of Portugal.

  44. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. Your Spain photographs are amazing, and yes, the man with his accordion, fascinated me. Thank you, nice to meet you, with my love, nia

  45. Lovely pictures! my coworker is going to Spain in a few months. I’ll probably share this with her.

  46. I love the one of the mossic and the relfection of the building in the water!
    Lovley shots!
    Keep going, congrats for being on FP 🙂

  47. This is awesome! I would love to go to Spain someday!!!

  48. I can see now how wonderful Spain is through your story. One thing I know about Spain is only Barcelona and all the amazing eclectics there . Hope to read your next traveling to Barcelona someday..:D

  49. I LOVE Spain. I visited there as a child. If I could live anywhere in Europe it would be Spain; lovely people, lovely food, gorgeous country all around! Great post and thanks for sharing 🙂

  50. Never been to Seville. These photos make me anxious to see the city. Love the post, and hope that your time there was worth while.

  51. The food, the sky scenery, the oldness of it all! I want to go to Europe, but never used to include Spain. You just made me a believer.

  52. I totally recognize those places. The church in Cadiz, the huge cathedral in Sevilla, the small alleys … I’m hoping to go back there next year. Crossing my fingers for now.

    Great shots!

  53. Thanks for sharing!! Lovely Photos!

  54. All of these pictures are so beautiful. I especially enjoyed the sixth one with the clouds and the sun shining down, it looks magical. : D

  55. I wish I could visit Spain. I’ve been to Mexico and Panama, but Spain would be the perfect place to practice my Spanish!

    • I would love to go to Mexico and Panama! Unfortunately I can’t do much more than order a wine or beer and say thank you so I don’t think I would get very far! I did a lot of miming in Spain, I am sure you would get on a lot better than I did! 🙂

  56. Nice photos, i like all of them 🙂

  57. I attended a wedding in Loja, Spain (near Granada) in June – and I still think about the delicious (and free!) tapas all the time! Great pics.

    • Thanks. I first went to Spain last year for a wedding- it was beautiful and having time there made me want to go back this year- Glad I did. I would love to visit Granada next time (yes, partly for the free tapas!) 🙂

  58. Aahh! What beautiful pictures! I want to visit Spain now!

  59. aparnanairphotography

    Beautiful! Looking at your photos makes me feel like I am there, like I can reach out and touch the objects in your photos. Wonderful! Congrats on FP!

  60. I want to devour spain! the architecture and scenery are phenomenal! i plan to make a trip in the next 2 years. until then, i’ll remain jealous of the sites you were able to see.

  61. The photo of Medina Sedonia from above is amazing, and so is the grafitti and the views from the street! How I wish we could visit Spain 🙂

  62. Thank you for your fantastic pictures of en equally fantastic place!

  63. Awesome pictures. What was the fishmonger (love that word) with the swordfish saying? He looks quite animated.

  64. Awesome post. And breath-taking photographs, literally!!! This has reinvigorated the love for Spain!

  65. Wish I could take photos as awesome as yours!

  66. Awesome pictures. What was the fishmonger (love that word) with the swordfish saying? He looks quite animated.

  67. Fantastic pictures! I miss Spain!

  68. awesome photos! mother spain is gorgeous as ever!

  69. Beautifully Captured.

  70. great shots !! I live in Seville and its also nice to see from other people’s view … 😉

  71. Medina sidonia is wonderfull, i went this summer to the same right place you were, this hotel/restaurant on the top of the village… i like it so much and food was delicious.
    your pictures are great… overall i like the one in the market, so amusing.

    • It’s beautiful isn’t it? Amazing views and the food at the restaurant was lovely- Also the tapas at the Bar Cadiz- great place to hang out and people watch, as was the market- I could have spent all day there taking pictures of people! 🙂

  72. great shots ! thanx for sharing .

  73. Incredible!!!! And now I’m starving!! :-))

  74. beautiful photos and great way to share the trip! gives me tips for sharing my recent visit to cape verde.

  75. A nice mix of photos giving a wonderful incite to the area and culture.

  76. Great photos of Spain. Now I am more interested than ever to one day go to Spain 🙂

  77. Great photos, with more than one making me feel rather hungry… 🙂

  78. Such WONDERFUL photos! . . . You make me want to go back to Spain! 🙂 Congratulations on being “Freshly Pressed”!!

  79. Loved Spain, loved people, loved flamenco, loved tapas, loved the warmth of the sun and much more! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I particularly liked the one from the local market and the shot of an elderly man with accordion. They both have “uniqueness of the moment” quality about them and they both tell a story about those wonderful people. Cheers! N.

  80. I really enjoyed reading this post, and those are some fantastic images!

  81. Lived in Spain many years – brought back some tasty memories.

  82. Amazing photos! Amazing quick summary of your trip. I felt like I was right there!

  83. Great photos! 🙂 I can actually experience Spain through your lovely shots! There’s just that “Spanish feel” to it!

  84. Glad you liked my country mate!

    Southern Spain is so amazingly beautiful…!

    Congratz for being FPressed 😉

  85. Beautiful photos! We’re currently planning a trip to Spain. Would love to hear your recommendations (hotels and transportation mainly but also restaurants). Did you book one of those travel packages or did you do it yourself? 🙂 Thank you in advance!

    • Thanks. We did it ourselves. Flew to Malaga and hired a car, from there we drove- the toll motorways are excellent but drivers can be a bit crazy on smaller roads. We found accommodation through trip advisor recommendations. We stayed at La Vista De Medina in Medina Sedonia- it’s beautiful. Seville has hundreds of hotels, it just depends on budget really. We knew we wouldn’t be spending much time in our room so didn’t get anything fancy, just central. There are amazing tap bars all over the city but we found this blog on Seville really helpful: We picked places we liked the sound of and marked them on a map, so wherever we wandered to we could find somewhere nice nearby to eat.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  86. Beautiful photos. You may have just started a travel plan in my mind.

  87. Thanks for sharing! I traveled Europe for a year with my family in 1973 and loved the experience, still remember all of it. Travel is like nothing else…life experiences!
    Beautiful photos!

  88. My favorite is the man with the accordion. Thank u for sharing!

  89. I just got married 10 days ago and we are planning a honeymoon to Andalusia in April so of course I had to check out this post! Great images that make me that much more excited about going there ourselves.


  90. Amazing!

  91. eye-soothing, mouth-watering, memory-cranking…thanx

  92. robertdickinsonphotography

    stunning photos i want to do some travelling around europe and hit the cities of spain and such beautiful landscapes

  93. Those are very nice shots. Brought sweet memories of Spain to me as I just returned from Barcelona last month.

  94. Those are very nice shots. Brought sweet memories of Spain back to me as I just returned from Barcelona last month.

  95. Great Photos!!!Really looking forward to make a trip to Spain in the near future..the place is beautiful!!!

  96. Wonderful photos! I really enjoyed them. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. 🙂

  97. i got back from andalucia two weeks ago – you make me want to go back! seeing as that’s not going to happen, think i might go out for some tapas.

  98. The pictures look amazing and the food looks delicious. Spain is definitely going to be one of the places i’ll visit.

  99. Ah, Andalucia. Such warm memories — thank you for taking me back. The photo of the man with the accordian and the scratches on the cafe counter are my favorites. There is the quiet of a break from the bustle in the first and the bustle itself in the latter.

  100. What program are u editing the pictures with? love every bit of it 🙂

  101. I commented earlier and want to add that I lived in Seville for four years, from 10 years old to thirteen years old. I loved it. The guys were all cute! Thanks for taking me back to that time. Connie

  102. Amazingly Beautiful Photos! Thanks for sharing!

  103. This looks like so much fun! Beautiful photos. Makes me want to go!

  104. Fantastic photos! I love Seville, especially Patio de los Naranjos, the orange courtyard outside the cathedral.

  105. Wow, what an amazing post. Your photos actually make me feel like I am there too. I am planning a gastronomy trip out there really soon. Spanish cuisine is at the top of my list as far as my blog posts are concerned. Thanks for sharing, and keep up with the great work!

    • Many thanks. I can’t recommend it enough. We always plan our trips around food and where we hope to eat!- Seviile has so many amazing eating places and, as tapas is everywhere, you can get round 4 or 5 places a night, instead of committing to just 1 restaurant. What’s not to love about that?! 🙂

  106. Beautiful pics! Food looks amazing.

  107. Love your work. You’re killing me with the beautiful food photos! Definitely deserved to be Freshly Pressed.

  108. i’m from madrid, so in my case it was not so difficult to plan it…
    i enjoyed so much visiting the roman sights and the views were beautiful. 😀

  109. of course i meant magnificent. Damned computer is slower than a wet week.

  110. lovely photos – the food looks amazing. I haven’t been to Seville since I was much younger and am dying to go back for a few days.

  111. You enjoyed every bite? I enjoyed every click of your shutter! And must have that Seat 600!! 😉

  112. realanonymousgirl2011

    OH how lovely! We went to Spain for our honeymoon and really enjoyed the sights and culture and especially the food! Some of those pictures bring back memories. Thanks!

  113. I hope you had a pringá at Bodeguita Romero!

    • It’s the one thing we really wanted to try but didn’t get a chance to (as we ate so much by the time we got there). It’s no 1 on our list for our next visit!

      Thanks for such great reviews and recommendations on your blog. 😀

  114. A picture tells a thousand stories. Your pictures have captured Spanish life. Sometimes words are not necessary. Inspiring…’nuff said.

  115. So amazing. I’ve been dying to go, since it’s where a good portion of my family came from. You captured the city amazingly!

  116. There are a lot of real neat photographs here. I like the guy with the accordian!

  117. Gorgeous! Those tapas look mouth-watering!!!

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