Happy little bike gang- two wheeled adventures in Applecross

This is our happy little bike gang…

So happy!

What do happy little bike gangs adventuring in Scotland have for breakfast?

Porridge with banana and honey of course!  Yum!  You may not believe it, but trust me- YUUUUMMM!

So, what do happy little bike gangs see pottering round the beautiful Applecross peninsula on Scotland’s west coast, after a belly full of porridge ?

Well, they see this…

and this…

and go here

and here…

Bike gang leader turned 40 during the expedition and to shame the rest of us, he cycled 2054 feet over the Bealach-Na-Ba, just to prove he could.  Not that is was a mid life crisis or anything….. ;D

Crazy fool.

To fuel this epic journey No 2 made slow roast Balinese pork in the Aga…

And, once recovered, we celebrated his successful first day as a 40 year old refuelling at the Applecross Inn.

What with?

Prawns of course!

….And curried lobster and mango salad…

And ox tail with dumplings…


Sometimes we stopped eating and pedalling long enough to take walks round the Applecross estate.  Here we saw…

and we made a new friend

We were lucky to have wonderful clear Autumnal skies most of the time, but one day we woke to this…

Shock horror!

But after our porridge and a morning in front of a roaring fire, the skies cleared and we were rewarded…

And when the clouds came back, they were lovely dreamy hazy clouds. I didn’t mind one bit.

Happy little bike gang indeed.

I genuinely believe there are few places in the world as beautiful as this.

I want to move.


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  1. Wow – count me in – that looks awesome! Love the porridge and bananas pic – I would Canadianize it with Maple syrup (but honey is awesome too!!!) Looks like a great time out.

  2. You have some absolutely fabulous photos!! WOW!

  3. Got a problem. I’m rubbish on a bike! Perhaps if I just ate the porridge for breakfast you could pop me in your panier and away we could go? I don’t weigh a lot!

    Loving your photos as always

  4. Hi Devouring Scotland. What a gem of a website! Readers Digest said it would be “a dose of happiness online” and they were wrong – it will be a constant source of pleasure for me, as I shall keep returning and returning… even after I’ve managed to visit your beautiful country again. Best wishes, Joy Farrall, stuck in the middle of England.

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