Auch aye the noo- it’s St Andrew’s day!

Well, burl ma kilt, toss ma caber, shoot ma haggis and gee us a dram o whisky!  If’ it’s no St Andrew’s day.

Being the 30th November, it is suitably wild outside.  80mph gusts of winds and flood waters creeping towards my doorstep, but I’m snuggled up, fire roaring with a wee cheeky nip to keep me all roasty on the inside.

Since there is very little particularly photogenic outside right now, I will mark the occasion with a wee picture that makes me want to dress head to toe in tartan and head for the braes singing Rabbie Burns….

Happy St Andrew’s Day!


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  1. What better way to celebrate this great ( yet wet and windy) country! Slainte

  2. Beautiful! Hope you had a good one. I was out walking on the north Durham coast, followed by my first Christmas dinner. Still a couple to go. Have to keep walking to keep the weight off!

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