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2nd place!

While all has been quiet on the blogging front, it’s been far from quiet in real life.  Moving house, expecting my first baby, meeting my new born niece- stuff has been happening.  Good stuff.  Just not blog appropriate stuff.

After a few terrible years, 2012 seems to be looking up.  Long may it last.

Right now I am sitting in remotest Sutherland on a day that would not go amiss in the depth of winter, at a hotel which combines the charm and warmth of the hotel from The Shining, cross with a bit of Faulty Towers. However, there is minimal wifi connection, which has given me the chance to jot a few overdue words.  I should chose these word wisely- if our initial impression of our hotel is anything to go by, they may be my last.

….I am not feeling full of wisdom today, so instead I will just have a wee gloat- that photography competition, the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year at The Mall Galleries in London….

Woo Hoo!

And here’s the picture:

And here it is, hanging on the wall of the Mall Galleries and me, trying to look cool calm and collected after the winners were announced:


Feeling pretty chuffed.  And, it’s available to buy!  Here:  

Next stop, National Portrait Galleries!



Finally got round to a twiddle with the wordpress themes.  I already think it looks a lot better but still have a few tweaks to make.  What I can’t work out is why it says my last post was on 13th February?  It wasn’t.  I posted that on 17th February.  Think I have a gremlin.  I am sure there is a logical explanation but I’ll never get to the bottom of it.

More tales of Partick feeding frenzies to follow, although I have a feeling I am getting a bit predictable.  Nae worries, I have much more exciting adventures on the horizon.  Watch this space for new posts that may/may not have the right date attached.

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